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Four Posts in July!

For my fourth and final post this month, here’s a celebration of all things My Black Dad. I’m on the left, boldly punching a swan in the face. (No idea.) To my left is a nod to one of Matt’s greatest creations, and one that still makes me laugh. (That’s really all I can say about that except, “Thank you, Matt.”) Next over is our biggest – and most gloriously pregnant – fan. (I put a bird on that one – thank you for all your support, Jen!) And all the way to the right is Matt, swinging his leg into the crotch of a raccoon. (Again, no idea.) This blog is a home for all things wonderful and absurd and maybe just a little offensive, and I’m very happy to be a part of it!

About Mike!Mike!Mike!

I'm an artist/teacher/nomad type weathering an El Nino year in SF. I like puppies and kittens equally, but I'm more likely to get irritated at a cat, 'cause they don't do nuffin. And they don't call when they say they're going to. And there are, like, three or four that owe me money and NO I WON'T TAKE CATNIP FOR TRADE!! I don't draw nearly as much as I'd like, so this blog should be good for me.

3 responses to “Four Posts in July!

  1. Reblogged this on Mister G Kids and commented:
    I rarely re-blog from my other blog, but my co-blogger Mike Newman over here at My Black Dad has outdone himself and created a career-defining work of genius.

  2. Breathless with admiration…It should be the logo for the blog

  3. Jennifer ⋅

    ohmygosh. I’m so honored. I’m speechless! I’m – oh – I think I just went into labor!!!

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