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Policeboy Imagined

The little girl’s idea to be a “policeboy” in today’s Mister G Kids comic set my imagination afire.  I think it’s such a cute and funny idea, so I sketched out a few possibilities of who this Policeboy might be.  I had fun! I like the motorcycle one because his hands don’t reach the handles and he has a super-soaker in the saddlebags.  The bottom Policeboy has a slingshot, though.
Maybe Tiny Teddy Bear Hitman and Policeboy can work together, and maybe they need some more cute superhero friends.  Or maybe Policeboy solves Teddy’s repulsive crimes! Mike?

About Matt Gajdoš

I'm a cartoonist and elementary substitute teacher. Kids make me laugh and inspire me to be like them.

9 responses to “Policeboy Imagined

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  2. Man this one is “COOL”. thanks for sharing Nonoy Manga

  3. Andrew ⋅

    Yeah. Definitely a action buddy comic with police boy and Tiny Teddy Bear hitman

  4. I wish crimes in real life could be fought with a supersoaker! I’d definitely join up then. The bike is dead cool *adjusts shades* 😛

  5. Jennifer ⋅

    Love this and where it came from!

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